The school provides a wide range of co-curricular activities for the overall development of its students.

    Drawing & Painting



    Music & Dance

    Story Telling

     Quiz and General Knowledge




     Nature study





Games and Sports

Sports and games are an integral part of NDBHSS education that help the students to keep physically fit and also ensures proper mental growth of a child. Various indoor and outdoor activities include Badminton, Table Tennis, Swimming, Cricket, Karate etc. Adventure sports like Artificial Rock Climbing adds special flavour to it. Incidentally, Nirjhar is having the first Climbing Wall in Primary School System. It`s a recreational place for tiny tots where they are taken to the world of fantasy, the world of toys and games. It`s equipped with educations toys, puzzles etc. The park is a beauteous sight with swings, slides, jungle-jims & sees saws where tiny tots have a whale of a time romping about. Up to Class V all the physical and cultural activities are compulsory. From Class VI onward students can opt for their favourite physical or cultural activities.


The school uses Multimedia Projection System enabling its students to understand and enjoy the process of learning. Audio-visual education approach is directly related to the actual content of the curriculum and aimed at widening concept about nature and society. The school has introduced SMART CLASS through DIGITAL BOARD first in District in WBBSE curriculum.
We are always focused to implement technology for shaping the future minds….


Study of science advances knowledge about the laws of change and mathematics is an instrument to measure the dynamics of that change in the nature. To assimilate these concepts, the school uses the Science Museum and other facilities available with DCAC.


A well equipped computer centre always give a comprehensive exposure to the use of information technology. At Nirjhar we have a very friendly atmosphere with wonderful teacher student relationship where inquisitiveness and adaptations with new learning are always largely encouraged. Learning has no end for which our Faculties believe always being a student first.




A well equipped Science Lab always gives a comprehensive exposure to the use of the theoretical knowledge and stretching it beyond. At Nirjhar we have a very friendly atmosphere and modern Labs for the Science streams with wonderful teacher student relationship where inquisitiveness on practical studies along with theoretical learning are always encouraged.

Special emphasis is laid on the practical application of the topics of Mathematics and Science. Nirjhar is scheduled to introduce the first Mathematics and Science Laboratory in the district at the Primary level.



The library facility is provided from class-II onward. The library has books on different aspects and subjects from India and the rest of the world. The contents and particularly the presentation in these books are such that it attracts students` attention and motivates them towards expanding their knowledge base on various subjects apart from the regular syllabus as Nirjhar inspires all students to study beyond school curriculum. The school is in an ongoing process to develop a full-fledged e-Library in the very near future.


Through exposure to activity such as art, crafts, music and dance the school tries to bring out the hidden qualities of the children. An innovative talent magazine published in the school provides an opportunity for the students to find an outlet for their creativity through articles, poems and drawing. The school organizes cultural programmes, art & crafts exhibition, quiz, debate etc. frequently.


Nirjhar has its own Rock climbing wall and training facilities within its campus. We believe that climbing helps in developing a strong will which is very important to get nurtured in the young ones from an early stage in life to build self confidence and the sense of responsibility towards the Society and ultimately for the Nation. Today holds the future tomorrow.




Nirjhar probably run the best residential system to suit the reach of middle class and with separate arrangement for girls student. Separate facilities are created within the campus for those desire to learn specialized course of Dance and physique building course like Karate. Durgapur Children Academy of Culture to which NIRJHAR a self governed subsidiary, hold the best Dance School in Northern India on Bharat Natyam, after Kolkata. The school operates with Guru T. Sankar Narayan, the then head of department of Viswa Bharati, Santiniketan.



All students in the school are divided into four houses: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. Students are accommodated in separate blocks for Boys and Girls with the youngest boys given their own accommodation in a Holding House. These houses are divided into blocks of 32 and each block has its own Houseparent who is responsible for the welfare and supervision of the students in his or her care.

For the older boys, a Senior Boys’ Housemaster ensures consistency between the Houses and House parents while a Head of Boarding ensures that all students are treated equally. Within the houses, accommodation is comfortable and adequate. Students share a room with four or five others and each has a cupboard, work-area and bed allocated to him or her. Students within each room rapidly become 􀃒rm friends and are eager to offer support to each other.

Our house system is built to allow students to meet with and form friendships across the year groups so that we can build a more integrated, family structure. The system also allows students to take greater responsibility with older students acting as mentors and supporters of the younger students.



The school operates phone system.An alternate system allows students (with parental permission) to have mobile phones. These are kept by House parents and are used by students on for Girls and Saturday for Boys afternoon and night. Here again, the school ensures by limiting credit and checking usage that students are not abusing this privilege.

Parents can visit the school and meet their children on Sunday afternoons with the prior permission of the Principal. Students may also apply to the Principal for a Weekend Leave to go home. This leave is granted once every term. No student will be allowed to leave hostel or enjoy leave of absence for the death of distant relatives or for attending any ceremonies that take place round the year. Parents are requested not to insist on taking their children home on not so genuine grounds.



Each hostel has within it a Common Room. In this, students can relax by watching television, playing games or simply sitting and chatting. Opportunities for this exist both in the afternoons and in the evenings after dinner. On both occasions, House parents are on hand to monitor the students’ behaviour and to encourage those in need to take up some work. On Saturday afternoons and Sundays, Common Rooms are also used by students. Visitors often comment on the friendly and supportive atmosphere



The school provides a regular health check up facility for its wards with the help of “Mother and Child Care Unit“under DCAC where eminent physicians of Durgapur lend their honourable services.The School provides a balanced and nutritious Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Tiffin to its pupils.