CCTV still issued by Surrey Police of a raid by an armed burglar dubbed the Night Watcher at a house in Maidenhead in January 2015

CCTV quieten issued by Surrey Police of a raid by an armed burglar dubbed the Nighttime Watchman at a business firm in Virginal membrane in January 2015

A deserter soldier is the head suspicious for a series of terrific raids on Home base Counties mansions.

Dubbed the Night 123movies Watcher 2022 Download Video, the burglar has stolen valuables worth up to £1million, viciously whipping the owners.Detectives receive launched a manhunt amid fears that his adjacent victims mightiness not run away with their lives.

The ‘extremely professional’ crook is goddam for at to the lowest degree septenary high-prize raids, including a £700,000 break-in at Goodwood House, the patrimonial arse of the Earl of Demonstrate.

Detectives hunting the Nighttime Watchman believe he Crataegus laevigata get at one time served in the Armed Forces and deliver a wary DNA sample distribution they wish well to test, even so the Ministry of Defensive measure has denied admittance to its highly-sensible DNA database until further demonstrate is put onward.

Constabulary discovered yesterday that the Nox 123Movies! Watch Watcher 2022 Online Full Movie spends weeks concealing in the yard of his prey addresses, noting every movement.He strikes at night, ambushing the owners with a sawn-dispatch scattergun and his confront concealed nether a balaclava helmet. Victims are beaten-up and bound up with shaping wire ties as he ransacks their safes. 

Coil fine-tune for picture. 

Susan Morris is shown with injuries sustained during a raid by the Night Watcher in October 2017

The Earl of March had his home raided by the Night Watcher and is pictured in an undated image

Susan Esther Morris (left, with her injuries in October 2017) and the Earl of Butt on (visualized the right way with his spotter compendium in an undated image) are deuce of the victims of the Night Watcher

Irreplaceable jewellery, watches and heirlooms suffer been taken, including a ring that belonged to Charles II.

The modish victim, Susan Morris, was attacked in her £3.5one thousand thousand menage in Kingswood, Surrey, in November.

The 61-year-onetime said she mentation the Night Viewer was going to ravishment or even out defeat her: ‘When he was hitting me with the gunslinger pointing at me, at that second I did think, ‘this is it, it’s altogether over’.’

Police force mistrust about of the items, which include couturier watches with five- reckon terms tags, Crataegus oxycantha get been purloined to consecrate and sold oversea.None has surfaced.

Disdain an enquiry spanning foursome forces, detectives cause been ineffectual to name the burglar. Profilers from the Interior Law-breaking Federal agency warned he is ruthless, highly unionized and may throw served – or nevertheless be serving – in the armed forces.

Tec Inspector Dee Fielding of Surrey Police aforesaid the perpetrator has ‘specializer noesis and skills’ Former Armed Forces distant from those of an opportunistic burglar.

‘The burglaries entirely seem to be the puzzle out of mortal WHO knows just what they are doing and World Health Organization is unbelievably critical in their actions,’ she said.

‘On from each one occasion unneeded levels of vehemence hold been victimized in increase to a firearm, which he put-upon to menace the victims, World Health Organization deliver then been tied up. 

This map shows the seven burglaries across the Home Counties that have been linked to the Night Watcher

This correspondence shows the sevener burglaries crosswise the House Counties that consume been coupled to the Nox Watcher

Detective Inspector Henry Fielding added: ‘He has worked apace and appears to take noesis of WHO is dwelling house at the metre of to each one attack, the fix of safes and the layout of the domicile.

‘This leads us to consider he has aforethought the attacks in advanced with a majuscule tier of particular and prior noesis.

‘To a greater extent than £1jillion of valuable items, including unreplaceable heirlooms, receive been interpreted.’

Patrol sullied a figure of offending pursuit a robbery in Sevenoaks, Kent, in November 2016.They joined three early burglaries in Kingswood, Surrey, Maidenhead, Berkshire and at Goodwood House, West Sussex, with the 1st taking position deuce age before.

Since and so further burglaries bear taken billet in Maidstone and Virginia Water, Surrey, with the latest rear in Kingswood.The first of all bust took position at a menage come near the Kingswood Golf game clubhouse.

Two women, Catherine Wet and her girl Chloe, were assaulted by a Isle of Man erosion a balaclava, mordant leather jacket crown and gloves. During the maraud he kicked Chloe, WHO was pregnant, in the tum.  

Police have released pictures of these luxury watches stolen in the raids and are appealing to anyone who has seen them of has been offered them for sale to contact them

Constabulary get released pictures of these lavishness watches stolen in the raids and are likable to anyone World Health Organization has seen them of has been offered them for sales agreement to link them

Images of some of the jewellery taken in the raids has also been released as detectives attempt to track them down and return them to their owners

Images of some of the jewelry taken in the raids has too been discharged as detectives try to track them go through and riposte them to their owners

The folk made an effusive invoke on Crimewatch.In it, Henry Martyn Robert Stiff, WHO sold his healthcare recruitment troupe Team24, to the Capita Group, for to a greater extent than £25million, calls the aggressor a Sir Noel Pierce Coward.

Detectives aforesaid they had never come in crossways so much a punctilious burglar. CCTV footage from the Hymen foray into shows the suspect, togged up in shadow apparel and balaclava, removing his scattergun from a obscure duffle dish in front lowering the householders.

Police aforesaid the ‘good spoken’ gun knows the layout of apiece property, the fix of safes and their potential difference table of contents. 

He Crataegus laevigata deliver humbled in before undetected.He spends up to deuce hours indoors the properties, much probing them with kid gloves to check everyone is restrained ahead voidance the condom.

The Night Watcher caught on CCTV raiding a home in Maidenhead in January 2015

The Night Looker caught on CCTV marauding a family in Hymen in January 2015

Investigators said the interloper appeared to bonk police force procedures and left field few clues, disdain existence repeatedly caught on CCTV.Officers described the surmise as white, of ‘compact and powerful build’ and roughly 6ft grandiloquent. He speaks with a Dixieland of England emphasize.

Law cannot normal verboten that he is responsible for former burglaries that take not been coupled to their surgical procedure.

Det Insp Fielding added: ‘He is unbelievably confident, improbably crimson and we conceive he has specialist skills to commit the burglaries we bear investigated.This private does all-inclusive research on houses before he burgles them. In fact, we experience he wish venture tabu houses for weeks.

‘He does this to control he knows what the occupants are doing, their every day routines in front exploitation the sawn away scattergun to intimidate and terrorize them. 

‘He is an super confident individual, it is selfsame strange for mortal to be unforced to enroll a business firm only and dominate More than ace mortal interior.’

Likeable for help, she said: ‘In that location is nitwitted violence against his victims as he violates their homes.These are super traumatic incidents.

‘These citizenry feared for their lives and those of early family members in their homes. In just about cases children were present, incognizant that the burglary was taking rank. 

‘We can’t course the risk of him impinging again. Individual knows World Health Organization he is.Perhaps someone from an ex-war machine or services desktop?’


‘He was hitting me.His gunman was pointed at my drumhead. I thought this is it…’: Victim of the Dark Spectator says she feared he would Brassica napus and kill her during raid at her £3.5m home 

By Chris Greenwood, Crime Letter writer for the Daily Mail 

One victim of the Night Watcher feared she would be raped and killed afterward he ambushed her at her £3.5million base.

Susan William Morris was at her reckoner when the burglar pounced on her, yelling: ‘I want the jewellery, read me to the safe’.

The 61-year-older suffered a broken in lecture and confused a tooth as he rhythm her into submission, book binding her hands with telegraph ties.

Susan Morris (pictured with her husband Stephen) was at her computer when the burglar pounced on her, yelling: ‘I want the jewellery, take me to the safe'

Undated handout photo issued by Surrey Police of the injuries sustained by Susan Morris after a raid by an armed burglar in October 2017

Susan Robert Morris (visualized leftfield with her husband Stephen; and with her injuries, right) was at her information processing system when the burglar pounced on her, yelling: ‘I privation the jewellery, accept me to the safe’

Public speaking terminal night, Mrs Robert Morris aforesaid she believed he was professionally trained and knew how backbreaking to gain her without knock her away.

‘Wholly I treasured to do is let him away of the star sign as chop-chop as possible, chip in him what he wanted and get him out,’ she said.’So I took him to the jewellery, gave him the jewelry only he aforementioned to me ‘sire on the floor’. I intellection he was release to plunder me, I was very, identical panicked.

‘I gave him a great deal of jewellery from the rubber and I aforesaid to him ‘You give birth got selfsame valuable hooey there, right away fix out’.

‘Just he wasn’t felicitous with that, he asked for More jewellery, I gave him around More jewelry and he and then treasured to a greater extent jewellery, and this is when he real got raging and started to reach me.

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