Head Mistress’s Desk Message:

The very purpose of education is extracting the best out of an individual to ensure a purposeful life. Evidently, charity begins at home. So, parents or guardians play a vital role in provoking thirst of knowledge and appetite of success in a child. Other educational institutions like schools, colleges or universities favour their sustainable growth leading towards destination. Keeping this bird’s eye’s view into our focus, our school has taken certain bold initiatives to establish its accountability towards building nation.

According to the new approach of education, we prefer ‘enhancing E.Q to I.Q in our children. We are committed to make our students adaptable to the cut throat competitive modern era. Our boarders start their days with Yoga at dawn to improve their life skills. In the morning assembly, the students are made enriched with good thoughts, important information about great people, current affairs, sports, literature, history, science etc. In order to make learning interesting, students are encouraged with numerous activities and project works.

We are going to introduce classes to increase their proficiencies in various fields depending upon their individual passion. Hopefully it will build their self esteem and self reliance. Besides, regular academic curriculum, we always motivate and train our students to participate in competitive examinations like, NSTSE, Pedagogical Mathematics, IMO and various workshops, seminars, camps etc., organized by Govt. or private bodies. Our management envisage with some upcoming innovative ideas with a goal to metamorphose our students into productive citizens of tomorrow.

Suvamoyee Chattejee

Head Mistress

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