Principal’s Desk Message:

Education is a process by which a person`s body, mind and character are formed and strengthened. It is the bringing of head, heart and mind together-thus enabling a person to develop an all round personality by identifying the best in him or her. It is a humanizing process.

Accordingly, its eternal values and universal appeal compel it to keep pace with the heralding age and hovering needs of the time. With this view in vision – Nirjhar Day Boarding Higher Secondary School (NDBHSS) under Durgapur Children`s Academy of Culture (DCAC), has introduced a unique education structure with incisive commitment of forming the habits of piety, virtue, discipline and self – reliance in children to help them become dutiful good citizen of their motherland, India.

It will be harping on the same string to say that Nirjhar H.S school, located at Santipath, C–zone, Durgapur is a school with a difference. It takes the responsibility of grooming Children who come from diverse range of backgrounds into complete and responsible individuals.The school has already earned an excellent reputation for the quality of teaching and efficient child – rearing.

It takes the responsibility of grooming children who come from diverse range of backgrounds into complete and responsible individuals. The school has already earned an excellent reputation for the quality of teaching and efficient child—rearing.

Our website is designed to give the parents as well as the students the favor of Nirjhar experience and acquaint them with the quality of faculty that Nirjhar offers and that ultimately counts in the run up to achieving success in our misson which is “let life-centric education weigh greater than mere academic excellence”. At +2 level, Nirjhar runs with all the three streams – Science, Commerce and Humanities with a variety of subjects offered. Nirjhar is set to send its seventh batch for H.S. Examination in the year 2022.

It is naive to claim that we have reached the acme of success in terms of performance of our students in different fields of academic or co-curricular activities. But we are left with no doubt that we are on the road to greater success. The school can rightly boast of a beautiful campus with sprawling play field boarded by trees lending a “Tapoban’ like atmosphere, two students’ hostels for boys and girls,a well educated and experienced staff of teachers and a judicious and enthusiastic administration. Impediments are there and they will remain but we look upon them as speed breaker; not the stopper. A break in a long journey is sometimes welcome. Nirjhar will justify a child’s admission. We sincerely expect to have your child, dear parents, in Nirjhar’s fold.



 Imparting education in tune with the times.

 Ability to interconnect a logical and independent thought process.

 Primary understanding about the tenets of natural and social science.

 Realization of ethical and cultural values.

 Blooming of humanism, nationalism and universal brotherhood.

 Empowering students to be worthy citizens and enlightened individuals.

 Providing quality education that is value based.

 Adopting the best teaching practices.

 Improving academic performance.



We believe the greatest mission of a nation, the key of all developments should be the production and diffusion of knowledge to bring up a young generation in health, strength and in the vigor of intellectuality. Simultaneously, we have to give our children in school the opportunity to know the mystique and magic associated with the rich and true cultural heritage of our country. They need to recognize that they are standing on the “Shoulders of Giants“. These will inculcate courage, wisdom and sense of creativity. Nirjhar is being groomed with the mission in the background. A variety of academic, aesthetic, athletic, cultural and social activities are synchronized into a single academic faculty. It is an ambitious endeavor to impart education in an innovative stress-free manner and to encourage a spirit of challenge and competitiveness.

“Education through Joy“ is our mantra…..

Mridul Mukherjee


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