This Mexican succulent is a lot prettier than a bunch or hairy tails. We are sure it is what your succulent collection has been missing. Mezcal, another popular Mexican drink known for its smoky flavor, can be made from over 30 different varieties of agave. Google searches have seen a rise in succulent related searches in different parts worldwide over the past ten-years. Finding rare succulents is not the easiest thing in the world and that’s why this book is a gem to succulent explorers. Because the leaves are reminiscent of bunny ears it has taken the succulent world by storm. It’s important to research the climate in your area before planting your succulent outside. There is no need to water your succulent if the soil has two inches of moisture. This is because some plants have more water than the ground and can lose water.

A garden hose can be used to blast scale insects from your plants. You will need to get rid of the entire plant if it is looking brown or mushy. While they are not extremely common, it is possible to have them as pets or in your garden if you live in the right climate zone. Although it is possible, it can take many years for new plants to thrive from the moment they are planted. The plant gets new rain roots and absorbs excess water. You can start watering the plant again once it has roots. Then, transfer it to another larger pot. If you take care of the offsets that your plant produced during its lifetime, that bare spot in your garden will be filled in no time! Be sure to also take a look at “How to Care for Succulents in the Winter” for more tips on taking care of your succulent during the cold season. The Bunny Succulent is mainly dormant in summer, while its growing season begins in winter (September to March). Watering encourages root growth and desert rose pruning helps stabilize succulents in a newly purchased pot.

To conserve moisture, it is a good idea to cover the tray with a cloth. Tubercles on the stem mean that it doesn’t require a lot of watering. The bright pink blooms of the cactus flower make Christmas more cheerful. This makes your plants poisonous to your scale. Your plant will die if they start sucking the juices out of your plant. Although you might cause some scar tissue on your plants, if your actions are gentle and your damage is minimal, they will be fine. If your plants start to yellow, fertilizer will be needed. Leave a comment below! Tell us about your favorite Mexican succulent in the comments! Comment below and let us know what you can do to save your succulents’ lives! Before you go and read other articles, we want to let you know that this post is sponsored by Amazon Audible! Did you know this variety of Agave is used to make Tequila? Can you please tell me if the leaves were healthy?

My plants fell apart as soon as I touched them. You should protect your plants if you are in an area of extreme heat. Make sure to dry the soil before you water. Use a soil moisture monitor or your finger. Although watering your cuttings might work, once they have grown roots, you will likely need to transplant them in soil or Leca. Some people love the look of succulents in water, so they keep them in the water until they are ready to transplant. A bright, tropical planter such as this would make them look even more adorable. This planter makes it the perfect Easter decoration. We have a serious soft spot for the bunny ears cactus and that adorable little planter. An article has been written about the Mammillaria elongata, which you can find here.

Our article gives you a deeper look at the Burro’s Tail. Find out more about the Super Cute Bunny Ears Cactus. Ponytail palms don’t grow fast and can reach only a few foot tall if kept in a cool place. These Mexican succulents don’t have trees, and they are just thick, woody stems. Pink succulents have just begun to gain popularity. It is important to not spray your plant with too strong a setting. If yourKalanchoe longiflorais growing out of control, you might consider trimming it back. Are you thinking of growing your succulent indoors. These succulents are very popular in Mexico. Our guide on How to Make a Succulent Corsage will delight you! First, identify the type of pest that is attacking your succulent. They all need different treatments. We have to deal with snow and cacti.

They can have different bloom colors. Your succulent may need to be saved if you notice more severe signs such as discoloration or browning on its leaves. You might notice spots of discoloration on the leaves of your succulent in darker colors, such as brown, black, or beige. The succulent’s green leaves become a rounded, rosette-shaped rosette made up of short, narrow grey leaves. These leaves are cupped and have a distinct shape. They are more likely to germinate next to their mother than under the umbrage of the rosette. It has stunning bluish-green, open-rosette-shaped leaves. The woody stems and long, curly green leaves do kind of make them look like palm trees, though, which is probably how they got their cute tropical name! It’s a hardy little plant, though, so you won’t kill it by bringing it inside into lower light conditions. Burro’s tail is a beautiful Mexican succulent. Eric Walther from San Francisco was a botanist who discovered the burro’s tailed in Veracruz. Because of its trailing stems, people call it burro’s tail or donkey’stail.

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